Do you have any tips for getting a great scan?

Definitely. Here are a handful of “best practices” we know help people get the best possible result.

  1. Before starting your scan, turn around any mirrors, or cover them if you can’t.

  2. Try to think about your “scanning path” before you start. You’ll need to move around the room to capture the whole area, so you want to make sure the path is unencumbered by furniture, clothing, etc. that might get in your way.

  3. Start your scan pointing at a corner with lots of stuff in it (like furniture, paintings, etc). Avoid directly scanning blank walls when possible.

  4. As you scan, you’ll see the 3D reconstruction build itself right before your eyes. Simply move the iPad up and down like you’re painting the scene, and move around in a single, continuous loop around the room to capture more information.

  5. You can and should walk around as you’re scanning. Don’t feel like you need to stand still, but try to move slowly. Feel free to walk around objects to get the back-side, move from one corner to the other, etc. However, try to move in a circle around the room, and not go over the same place over and over again. Avoid zig-zagging in and out or around rooms.

  6. Try to stay within 0.5-1m of what you’re scanning. This is the Structure Sensor’s best sensing range to ensure the highest accuracy.

  7. If you’re about to scan over an area that has very different lighting from the area you started in, you can hit the “Exposure” button in the corner. This will adjust the exposure to account for the new lighting conditions. If you choose to use this feature, try to hold still before pressing the button.

  8. Make sure to make a complete scan of the room and get back to where you started. You can still use the 3D reconstruction of an incomplete room, but we can’t convert an incomplete room into a CAD file for you.

  9. Once you make a complete circle, you'll often see an “Enhance” button appear on the screen. This will occur if our software sees an opportunity to make your model better after you’ve made a complete loop around the room. Don't fret if you don't see it, but if you do, it means we can make your model look even better!

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