Bring real-world kitchens and
bathrooms into 2020 Design Live

Measure and digitize rooms in seconds — all with an iPhone or iPad.

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Measuring and recreating existing conditions is the starting point of nearly every kitchen and bathroom update. With Canvas, you simply scan, upload and let us do the rest — a design-ready .kit file arrives in your inbox within 2 days.

The Basics
Accuracy tolerances
2 days
Turnaround times
Per scanned room

From scan to design in three steps



Scan rooms in seconds and use the on-device 3D model to instantly measure, review, or share the space. All you need is a LiDAR-enabled iPad Pro or iPhone 12 Pro.



Upload your scan to Scan To CAD with just a few taps. 
We’ll take it from there.


Start your project

Within approximately 2 business days of your upload, you’ll receive a design-ready, professional-grade .kit file you can open right up in 2020 Design Live.

Explore real-world example results

Download our sample data package to learn more about our available outputs, and try out real, Canvas-generated files.

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