Blazing-Fast 3D Capture For Interior Spaces

Meet the fastest way to measure and digitize a home, all from an iPad.

3D Capture,
without the work.

Canvas allows you to create a scale-accurate 3D model of a space in minutes. We give everyday devices 3D superpowers to help you measure, document, and reimagine interiors faster and more easily than ever before.


Revisit Virtually

With Canvas, you can quickly create a “Digital Twin” for any physical space — one you can revisit at any time (including from your web browser without any extra plugins or apps), and that you can easily share with project collaborators inside and outside your company.

Seriously, try the Canvas Web Viewer. Imagine having this for every site visit.

Any Measurement On-Demand

3D scanning captures every dimension, not just the ones you think you need. Save “oops” for the amateurs, and make costly revisits a thing of the past.

We know you’re wondering. Learn more about accuracy here.

Reimagine Digitally

Generate professional-grade and editable CAD files that you can bring right into a wide variety of architecture and design programs — and then the fun begins! Move walls, add furniture, and create HGTV-style 3D visualizations for your customers. Without the army of Hollywood VFX teams.

Learn more about Scan To CAD, or download our sample data package.


Canvas is trusted by thousands of professionals across a wide variety of industries, including:
ArchitectureInterior DesignRemodeling and RenovationDesign-BuildRetailSite Scouting and AppraisalSet-DesignInsuranceReal Estate InvestmentFire, Safety, and Forensics
Save Time On-Site
Reduce the time spent measuring, drawing, and modeling by up to 98%
Bring 3D to Every Project
Give every client an HGTV-like experience, at a fraction of the cost
Reduce Errors
Never miss a measurement, and avoid costly mistakes reviewing hand drawings
Upsell Bigger Projects
Capture an entire home in the time it takes to measure one room today
How It Works
Gather Your Tools

First, you’ll need the right hardware: an iPad and a Structure Sensor (our 3D scanning accessory for iOS devices). You can buy them as a bundle, or standalone if you have an iPad already.

Learn more about pricing.

Download The Canvas App

Next, download the Canvas app — available for free on the iPad App Store under “Canvas by Occipital”.

Download Canvas from the iPad App Store.

Start Scanning!

Set up your space and start scanning. It takes only a couple of minutes per room, or 30-60 minutes for a typical 3-bed, 2-bath home.

What does scanning look like?

Review, Measure, & Annotate Your Scan!

Your scan is available to use immediately after you hit done — you can pull any dimension, view any angle, or add spatial annotations to review later.

Convert Your Scan To CAD, And Get To Work!

Upload your scan (or scans) to our Scan To CAD service, and you’ll receive editable, design-ready CAD file within about 2 business days.

What file formats and programs does Scan to CAD export?

Download our sample data package


Canvas is powered by the Structure Sensor, a 3D sensor for mobile devices. They were made to work together by Occipital, Inc. in San Francisco, CA and Boulder, CO.

3-4hrs. of active scanning
Structure Sensor battery life
Measurements within 1-2%
Learn more about accuracy


Take real-world Canvas data for a spin in our web viewer — available for any uploaded scan, and shareable both within your team or with external collaborators.
Measurement Spatial Annotation Easy Sharing Virtual Revisits
Now that we have Canvas, we can bring a 3D presentation to all of our clients, not just the ones with extra budget.
— Lane McNab
Lane McNab Interiors
(Berkley, CA)
With Canvas, we can scan an entire home in the time we used to measure one room. That allows us to turn small jobs into larger ones, and offer a larger product offering that wasn’t possible before.
— David Bradshaw
(Johannesburg, South Africa)
The combination of Canvas and scan to CAD saves us 10 hours on every project. We have scanned nearly every project since we started the company.
— Jasper Malcolmsen
(San Francisco, CA)


We have worked with customers across a wide variety of industries, sizes, and needs. If you have any questions about how Canvas might work for you, enter your information below and a member of our team will reach out.

Learn more about the makers of Canvas

Occipital, Inc. is a spatial computer company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. We bring the frontier of "possible" in computer vision to everyday mobile devices, with a particular focus on the home.