Canvas can be used with an iPad and Structure Sensor, or a LiDAR-enabled iPad.

Scan To CAD —
Starting at $15 per scan
Convert your 3D scans into design-ready, editable, and professional-grade CAD files so you can skip ahead to design!

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One scan roughly corresponds to one residential-sized room, and the number of scans required to capture an entire home will vary with size and complexity. Read more here: How big of a space can I scan?
Available Outputs:
2D Floor Plan
2D .pdf 2D .dwg 2D .skp
Reprocessed Scan
3D .skp 3D .dwg 3D .dae
Reprocessed Scan
3D .rvt 3D .dwg 3D .ifc
Reprocessed Scan
   Reprocess Only: Enhance your scan and add color textures, but skip the CAD conversion ($3/scan)
  • Merge: Add $5 more per scan to merge multiple scans into a single, global model of an entire home or site.
  • Rush: Add $5 more per scan to rush your order. Delivery within 48 hours guaranteed, but often next day.
Need something custom?
In addition to our standard Scan To CAD outputs, Canvas can be tuned to generate special reports, fit into specific enterprise workflows, or support other custom needs for larger organizations.

Note: Custom Scan To CAD outputs come with a minimum annual spend of $10,000 as well as monthly volume commitments.
Thank You!
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