A Canvas Case Study: Noz Design

Noz Design is an interior design firm based in San Francisco, California led by principal designer Noz Nozawa. In 2020, Noz was named an Architectural Digest Rising Star. While the firm typically focuses on 20 to 30 residential projects per year, Noz recently brought on two additional designers, doubling the firm’s size.

“With over 20 active projects at a time, there’s always something else we could be doing. Time and energy saved is time and energy well spent somewhere else.”
– Noz Nozawa, Principal Interior Designer + Owner, Noz Design
Results at a Glance
All clients get the same experience
Time and energy redirected toward creative efforts
Showcases technical capabilities
More capacity for additional projects
The Challenge
Noz has instilled her firm with the ethos that all clients deserve an equitable experience: a simple, rectangular room deserves great design just as much as a room with challenging architecture. However, measuring and modeling unusual spaces can add complexity and cost to both steps. As a result, Noz strives to find ways to ensure that clients with such unique spaces — which often yield the most creative design possibilities — aren’t unfairly penalized.
The Solution

Canvas enables Noz and her team to capture her clients’ spaces in seconds using their iPads and iPhones. The scan available immediately on-device allows her team to extract quick dimensions on-site, but the real time-saver comes from Canvas’s Scan To CAD service. Her team simply uploads the scans and within two business days, an editable, SketchUp model of the existing conditions arrives in their inbox. As Noz describes it, Canvas allows the firm to get straight to the starting line of a design project.

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter if a room is a rectangle or has complex architecture: Canvas is able to capture it all and convert it into a clean and editable format.

Beyond reducing the stress and energy required to design nuanced spaces, Noz sees technology like Canvas as improving her industry as a whole. Using Canvas demonstrates to clients that the interior design profession is a complex mix of technical skills and artistic thinking.

What does Canvas do for Noz Design?

Canvas enables Noz and her team to:

  • Take on more complex projects in architecturally unusual spaces
  • Provide an equitable experience to all clients
  • Unlock creativity by reallocating energy otherwise spent measuring and referencing hand drawings to creative efforts that add value to their clients
  • Grow the business, as her designers can take on additional projects without the burden of measuring and modeling
Being able to measure and model unique rooms as fast as simple rooms is invaluable. Being able to scan unusual spaces enables me to do what my team does best: interior design.
– Noz Nozawa
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