A Canvas Case Study: McManus Kitchen & Bath

McManus Kitchen & Bath is a design-build firm focused on kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Tallahassee, Florida. Led by Paul McManus, the six-person firm typically completes 40 projects a year, with four in construction and another four in the design phase at any given time.

“Our whole process is about service, speed, and making it easier for our clients. Canvas helps us do all three better.”
– Paul McManus, President and Owner, McManus Kitchen & Bath
Results at a Glance
Increased conversion rate
30 minutes saved on initial consultations
More immersive and persuasive showroom experience
The Challenge
Paul starts his sales process with a design and budget consultation, for which he charges a modest fee. The consultation involves two initial meetings with potential customers: an in-home visit, which includes capturing field dimensions, and a follow-up meeting at the showroom to discuss budget and design options. Unfortunately, about one in every four prospective clients walks away because they struggle to picture what the finished project looks like. Pictures of previous jobs simply don’t close those deals, but doing the design work ahead of time was too labor-intensive and costly.
The Solution

Eager to increase close more deals without significantly raising prices, Paul integrated Canvas into his sales process. The company now offers potential customers two options for the design and budget consult: the traditional $150 package and an enhanced version (approximately $300) which includes an initial design to help the homeowner visualize ideas early on. Canvas plays a key role in both options, but the second simply wasn’t practical at all before.

For the traditional consultation, Paul uses Canvas to scan a prospective customer’s space, which reduces his measurement time from twenty minutes to five. On a typical day where Paul has multiple home visits, the time savings allow for more visits. And, because Canvas captures a 3D “digital twin” of the space, Paul never has to worry about missing a measurement — he and his designer use the app and Web Viewer to revisit the space and pull any measurement necessary for preparing an initial budget.

The real game-changer for Paul comes from using Canvas’s Scan To CAD service for enhanced consultations, which about half of his potential customers now choose. As with the traditional experience, he scans the prospect’s space on the initial meeting. When he gets back to the office, however, he uploads the scan to Canvas’s Scan To CAD service and chooses the 2020 Design Live output option (his team’s design software of choice). In about two business days he gets an editable, design-ready .kit file which his designer can update to impress the client.

What does Canvas do for McManus Kitchen & Bath?

Canvas enables Paul and his team to:

  • Reimagine their sales cycle and offer a more comprehensive design and budget consultation that increases conversions
  • Enhance their showroom shopping experience
  • Save time on initial home visits
  • Ensure they never miss a measurement
  • Simplify handoff from sales to design
My designer is much happier to use a Canvas scan than my hand-sketched floor plans, which are less accurate and detailed.
– Paul McManus, President and Owner, McManus Kitchen & Bath
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